What’s the most remote capital city in the world?

It’s a tie: Canberra, Australia, and Wellington, New Zealand, are 1,448 miles … from each other.


The trouble with rocket-powered roller skates is that you can’t steer.

To remain on land as long as possible, we suggest you start in northern Siberia (99°1’30E 76°13’6N) and point yourself due south. That’ll take you through 4,717 miles of Russia, Mongolia, China, Burma, and Thailand before you splash into the South China Sea.

Or start at 48°24’53N 4°47’44W in northern France and head east. An unswerving course will take you through Europe, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China, and Russia, covering 6,665 miles before you hit the Sea of Okhotsk. Good luck.

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The basilisk lizard of Central America can run on water for up to 15 feet, thanks to flaps between its toes.

It’s known as “the Jesus lizard.”


When walking, a 100-pound woman in stiletto heels exerts more pressure per square inch than a 6,000-pound elephant.

“Nor Any Drop to Drink”

Where can you draw potable seawater even when no land is in sight?

Offshore of the mouth of the Amazon, which supplies 20 percent of the fresh water entering the world’s oceans.