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Just a reminder — Futility Closet books make great gifts for people who are impossible to buy gifts for. Both contain hundreds of hand-picked favorites from our 13-year archive of curiosities. Some reviews:

“A wild, wonderful, and educational romp through history, science, zany patents, math puzzles, wonderful words (like boanthropy, hallelujatic, and andabatarian), the Devil’s Game, self-contradicting words, and so much more. Buy this book and feed your mind!” — Clifford A. Pickover, author of The Mathematics Devotional

“Futility Closet delivers concentrated doses of weird, wonderful, brain-stimulating ideas and anecdotes, curated mainly from forgotten old books. I’m hooked — there’s nothing quite like it!” — Mark Frauenfelder, founder, Boing Boing

“Meant to be read in pieces, but impossible to put down.” — Gary Antonick, editor, New York Times Numberplay blog

“Futility Closet is a dusty museum back room where one can spend minutes or hours among seldom-seen curiosities, and feel that none of the time was wasted.” — Alan Bellows,

The first book and the sequel are both available on Amazon. Thanks for your support!


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Thanks again to the world-bestriding Von Glitschka for our new logo. At Von’s suggestion we’re calling the penguin Mr. Curious.

Von has also thoughtfully created wallpaper files for iPhone, iPad, and desktops, which are free for the downloading:

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I’ll add these links to the About page as well.

As we get organized we’ll announce other offerings here and in the Patreon feeds, and Von will be creating custom promo graphics to download, print out, and collect. A million thanks again to him for all his contributions, and to you for your kind words about the redesign.


We’ve upgraded our look today, to make the podcast and books easier to find and to make the site easier to use on mobile devices. Many thanks to Graph Paper Press for the new design and to the great Von Glitschka for our new logo (about which more in a future post).

Everything should work as it always has (including the RSS and email feeds), but hopefully things are easier to find now, especially for newcomers. If you spot any problems, please let me know.

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