Sneezes around the world:

  • France: Atchoum!
  • Finland: Atsiuh!
  • Iceland: Atsjú!
  • Sweden: Atjo!
  • India: Akchhee!
  • Denmark: Atju!
  • Netherlands: Hatsjoe!
  • Lithuania: Apchi!
  • Germany: Hatschie!
  • Hungary: Hapci!
  • Poland: Apsik!
  • Russia: Apchkhi!
  • Italy: Etciù!
  • Spain: ¡Achís!
  • Portugal: Atchim!
  • Romania: Hapciu!
  • Philippines: Hatsing!
  • Japan: Hakushon!
  • South Korea: Achee!
  • Vietnam: Hát-xì!

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Fool Me Twice

Wyoming may be the Cowboy State, but it has an Eastern pedigree: It was named by an Ohio congressman after a valley in Pennsylvania.

Rep. J.M. Ashley named the territory after the Wyoming Valley, whose name means “at the big river flat.”

Still, that’s more authentic than Idaho.

Person to Person

If you’re an extrovert, you’ll be happiest (in principle) in northeastern Pakistan. That’s the world center of population — from there, the average distance to every human on earth is only 3,200 miles.

Conversely, if you’re an introvert you should visit Easter Island, where you’ll be 9,300 miles from the average fellow man.

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