To the Point

In 1755 Samuel Richardson published an index of the “moral and instructive sentiments, maxims, cautions and reflexions” in his novels Pamela, Clarissa, and The History of Sir Charles Grandison, so you can receive all the edification without actually reading them:


One of the characteristics of a good man, is, to be studious to avoid danger, and to be unappalled in it, iv. 104. [276].
In a case of inevitable danger, the way to avoid it, is not to appear to be intimidated. One man’s fear gives another man Courage, v. 289. [vi. 267].
Courage is a glorious quality when it is divested of rashness, and founded on integrity of life and manners, v. 296. [vi. 274].
But otherwise founded, it is rather to be called savageness and brutality, than Courage, ibid.
See Challenges. Duelling. Good Man. Magnanimity.

The whole thing is here. See Asides.