“Auld Saws Speak Truth”

Scottish proverbs:

  • The shortest road’s the nearest.
  • The less wit a man has the less he kens the want o’t.
  • The gude dog doesna aye get the best bane.
  • Sorrow an’ ill weather come unca’d.
  • Silence and thought hurt nae man.
  • Self praise is nae honour.
  • Every bird thinks its ain nest best.
  • He that keeks through a keyhole may see what will vex him.
  • There’s naething mair precious than time.
  • He that lends money to a friend has a double loss.
  • Haste and anger hinder gude counsel.
  • Friends ‘gree best at a distance.
  • Weel done, soon done.
  • Be a friend to yoursel’ and ithers will.
  • A wise man wavers, a fool is fixed.
  • The langest day has an end.

And “There’s naething sae gude on this side o’ time but it micht hae been better.”

(From Colin S.K. Walker, Scottish Proverbs, 2000.)