A Matter of Degree

A clever conundrum from the U.K. Government Communications Headquarters Christmas Puzzle Quiz — it doesn’t even appear to be a question:

42°15′N 72°15′W, 53°52′N 44°50′E, 37°49′N 85°29′W, 39°37′N 75°56′W, 40°57′N 40°17′E, 51°54′N 02°04′W?

The answer is 52°12′N 1°41′W. The listed coordinates identify Ware, Issa, Bardstown, North-East, Of, and Cheltenham. Where is a Bard’s town northeast of Cheltenham? Stratford-upon-Avon! Its own coordinates make up the answer.

GCHQ is a great fount of excellent original puzzles — some are given on their website, they’ve published two collections, and they regularly post brainteasers on Twitter.