Podcast Episode 297: A Sinto Boxer in Nazi Germany


In the 1930s, Sinto boxer Johann Trollmann was reaching the peak of his career when the Nazis declared his ethnic inferiority. In this week’s episode of the Futility Closet podcast we’ll describe Trollmann’s stand against an intolerant ideology and the price he paid for his fame.

We’ll also consider a British concentration camp and puzzle over some mysterious towers.


In 1872 Edward Lear offered a recipe for “Gosky Patties.”

In 1927, engineer Edward R. Armstrong proposed a string of floating airports to link Europe and America.

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Trollmann’s professional boxing record.

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This week’s lateral thinking puzzle was devised by Greg, based on an item in Rebecca Zurier’s 1991 book The Firehouse: An Architectural and Social History.

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