Eastern Views


Wry haiku:

Having given his opinion
he returns home to
his wife’s opinion

— Yachō (1882-1960)

“Every woman”
he starts to say,
then looks around

— Anonymous

One umbrella —
the person more in love
gets wet

— Keisanjin (dates unknown)

By saying not to worry
he says something

— Anonymous

At the ticket window
our child becomes
one year younger

— Seiun (dates unknown)

Ted Pauker devised the limeraiku, which compresses the rhymes of a limerick into the form of a haiku. Like limericks, they’re usually off-color:

There’s a vile old man
Of Japan who roars at whores:
“Where’s your bloody fan?”

Another, by W.S. Brownlee:

Said Little Boy Blue:
“Same to you. You scorn my horn?
You know what to do.”

See Lament.