Shear Folly

Contrived names of American hair-cutting establishments, from a 1979 survey by Ross Eckler:

  • Mane Attraction (Cleveland)
  • Shy Locks (Alexandria, Va.)
  • Heads You Win (Fort Worth)
  • Aisle of Style (Schenectady)
  • Clipper Ship (Dallas)
  • Hair Corps (Orange County, Calif.)
  • Mein Hair (Rockland County, N.Y.)
  • Hairpoon (Bronx)
  • Planethairium (Miami)
  • Hairberdashery (Houston)
  • The March Hair (San Francisco)
  • Hair Raising Adventure (Westchester County, N.Y.)
  • Barbary Coast (Cleveland)
  • Crazy Razor (Sacramento)
  • Chopping Block (Seattle)
  • Cliptomania (Saint Louis)
  • Jack the Klipper (Staten Island)
  • Curl Harbor (Philadelphia)
  • Follicle Follies (Manhattan)
  • From Hair to Eternity (Baltimore)
  • Hairodynamics (Oakland, Calif.)
  • Spiral Haircase (Louisville, Ky.)
  • Scissors of Oz (Westchester County, N.Y.)
  • Blood, Sweat and Shears (Indianapolis)
  • (We) Curl Up and Dye (Indianapolis)

“Cutting Corners (Boston, Providence) sounds like a place to avoid.”