Okay, here’s a new look, at last. The features and content are the same, but we’ve updated the theme. Two main things to note:

1. I’ve added a blog, linked in the sidebar, with comments enabled. There we can discuss the new look as well as some additional developments that I’m beginning to consider, including establishing a community here, offering merchandise, and publishing a series of books.

2. If you’re on a mobile device, you’re now viewing the main site directly. Previously you were getting a mobile version served by the WPtouch plugin, which omitted some features. I need your feedback: Is this better? Do you want to go back to WPtouch? Would you rather have a dedicated mobile theme, and if so what features should that include? (UPDATE: I’ll address the font readability, and I’ve reverted to WPtouch while I investigate getting a dedicated mobile theme. Other comments are still welcome.)

We can discuss all this on the blog; my aim is to do most of the backstage discussion there and save the front page for actual content. You can also write to me directly at Thanks for reading!